Suppliers for Guitarmaking
OrcasTonewoods (Bruce Harvie)
Notable Woods (Bruce Creps, Lopez)
Stewart McDonald (Luthery Supplier)
Luthiers Mercantile (More Luthery stuff)
Builders Note: I want to thank some folks who make my guitarmaking possible. Firstly my wife and family for putting up with me...also, Bobby Warren who's creativity is inspiring, Bruce Harvie for great tonewood and his never ending musical acumen, Bruce Creps of Lopez, for great building wood, his patience and kind support, Chris Burke for his spray booth and woodworking wizardry, the Guild of American Lutherie, Nelson Joyce of Swansong Guitars, who said I could do it, and Harry Fleishman who taught me how!...thanks M.A.

Use this info at your own risk as building guitars is habit forming on all levels...Your family will wonder where you've moved to and what have you been doing all this time up in the "shop" em what you built...its a feat to behold and a worthy cause!