Rhythmatics Live Port of Friday Harbor
The Fabulous Rhythmatics are on Hiatus til June of 2016. Dates for 2017!..

Hi folks, RMATS 2017 dates are listed here.

July 22 - Rumor Mill

July 29th Wages to Riches fundraiser APS

Aug 5 - Rumor Mill

August 17 - Thursday night headliners at County Fair

Aug 18 - Rumor Mill

Sep 1 - Friday Night at the Port (5-7)

Sep 23 - Rumor Mill

Oct 14 - Rumor Mill

**We will have "guest drummers for some these shows...our good friend from Orcas Andrew Moore of the Sandflees etc.

Yessiree...the Band is available...

Call for Bookings or 378-5720 (Mike) or 378-2614 (James)

roger.mcgilvrey@gmail.com or funkon@rockisland.com

or jbark@rockisland.com

The Fabulous Rhythmatics...
are a 5 piece dance band, playing mostly blues and rhythm & blues music. As the Island Sounder newspaper recently wrote, "Roll out the rhythm, pound out the pace, and don the dance shoes, because these guys won't wait for anybody".Well, we do a few slow songs, but this is a band for the working person. Our idea of a good time is to work up a sweat on Friday and Saturday nights, and work out the kinks from the week just ended. With this band, you gotta dance.

The Rhythmatics are: James Barkshire on vocals and guitar; Roger McGilvrey, drums; Steve Keys, vocals, guitar and harmonica; Mike Adams, vocals, bass guitar; and Teddy Deane, horns and woodwinds. It's a weekend band, and most of us hold down regular jobs. That's because the islands are too small to make a living playing music full time. We all have moved here for the natural beauty and the lifestyle. But make no mistake --band members have some serious musical history under their belts. The boys hail from the Midwest and Northeast as well as the Left Coast, and have spent many years gigging all over North America. We know our stuff.
On any given night you'll hear a pretty wide range of tunes: reggae and R & B, Irish soul, the Allman Brothers, blues ranging from Robert Johnson to Stevie Ray, gospel shouts and funky shuffles. All danceable. No disco.

We live in the beautiful San Juan Islands in the northwestern corner of Washington State. Whether you're a local or planning a visit to the islands, come on out and join us for some good times. Make sure you come up and let planning a visit to the islands, come on out and join us for some good times. Thanks