Uncle Otto

Gettin their Groove On!

Uncle Otto appears locally in and around Friday Harbor . This summer catch us at various locales. TBA

Check back for dates. Thanks

Just a couple of things about the band...

Uncle Otto is kind of an old friend of ours who it was said was a great adventurer, explorer, creator, facilitator,educator,and just a get it done kind of guy...We admire that and take our name from this admiration and make it our own...We're gittin it done...Playing music that we grew up with and listened to and appreciate. Were just having fun with it and seems other folks feel the same way so onward we go!...The members of Uncle Otto are a friendly group of guys, most affable and likely to want to have lunch with you sometime and they're locals from Friday Harbor too!...Steve Keys is by day a garage door expert. Plain and simple, hes the man you want when you need new garage door of any type. His business is San Juan Garage Door, and he's in the book...Mike Adams is co-owner of Funk & Junk Antiques a long time Friday Harbor business...lottsa cool stuff in that place!....James Barkshire is a local contractor/architect/software entrepreneur...Smart guy who has a huge voice!.... Uncle Otto guys have played in other bands together such as the Fabulous Rhythmatics but Otto was conceived to get more into the roots of the music we like...and play it acoustically. Where they really shine when they are in good key, is singing...They might not be CSN&Y but hey...thats cool...Stevie, James and Mike are gittin it done....and in fine fashion....

Our man Otto!