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"Live Music is Best!"

Wed. Baconfest! Ryan Browne and Jake Beliveau @ the Rumor Mill

Fri. 8pm Chameleons @ the Rumor Mill

Fri/Sat. Betchawannaboogie Band at Herb's Tavern 9pm start

Happy Thanksgiving from

Radio Free Olga
Podcasts of Live Music
by local Musicians from the
San Juan Islands
Thanks to Bruce Harvie
Help our good friend Bobby Warren , longtime F.H. local guitarbuilder/player all in all good guy...Read more about it HERE
Notable Woods Lopez
Wood for Luthiers...Koa, Maple, Walnut & more...really good!
Channel Road Amplification
Custom Amps, Repair on Lopez
Most Excellent!
Orcas Island Tonewoods
Bruce Harvie has provided the Planet w/great instrument woods...yessir!~
Old Kids on the Rock Productions....
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